Anika Moa breaks down her list of things to do instead of drinking alcohol

Anika Moa has been sober for more than 200 days now.

And over that time she has developed a list of things to do instead of drinking – which she has shared with her co-hosts Stace and Mike as well as our lovely Hits listeners.

So without further ado, here is Anika’s list of things to do instead of drinking:

  1. Try online dating (although she doesn’t do that of course …)
  2. Dance like no one is watching because it keeps your hands and feet busy at parties
  3. Start a new obsession like knitting or hardcore CrossFit
  4. Become a tea and coffee connoisseur
  5. Write a book, because you’ve got more time to do things
  6. Preach about being sober to anyone who will listen
  7. Think about all the mistakes you’ve made in your life when you were drunk or hungover and cry in the fetal position at 1AM.
  8. Be proud of the fact that you are doing something amazing and you are brave, strong, and da bomb!

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