Anika Moa opens up about 'being vulnerable' after hitting 80 day alcohol-free milestone

A month after revealing that she decided to stop drinking alcohol this year, Anika Moa has given us all an update on her sobriety journey.

The Kiwi singer told her Hits Drive co-hosts Stacey Morrison and Mike Puru that she is still going strong and recently reached the milestone of 80 days sober.

She explained that lifestyle change has not only had a positive impact on her physical health - but also on her mental and emotional health.

However, she didn't expect how quitting drinking would bring up so many emotions for her.

"I hate being vulnerable, and being vulnerable is at the core of no drinking," Anika said about some of the challenges she has been facing in her sobriety journey.

"I'm really proud of myself," she added, "and I hope it does inspire people because you know, we've only got one life."

Good on you Anika!

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