Anika Moa reveals to Stace and Mike that her Dad was in Destiny Church ...

It turns out Anika Moa's Dad was once a member of Destiny Church ...

The Kiwi star opened up to Stace and Mike about the family connection to the organisation, which recently announced they are starting a political party.

She noted that the organisation really "grinds her gears" because of how they "take" from their members.

"I felt sorry for him that he was giving a lot of his money," Anika said about her father.

"This is my thing with Destiny Church, I don't have anything against any religions, but Destiny Church gets up my nose because of that ... They pull in all the hopeless, the lost people and they take their money. And now they're trying to get into government and that really grinds my gears. 

The singer also revealed that while being a part of Destiny Church, her father once told her "I love you, but I hate the sin" in reference to Anika being gay.

However, Anika said she just "found it hilarious" because her father hadn't had an issue with it up until that point.

"'You didn't hate that sin last week when you weren't in Destiny Church'," she told her Dad at the time, "'and also, you've been gay too, like, come on!'"