Anika Moa tears up over emotional letter she wrote for her baby girl's first birthday

Anika Moa was struggling to decide what to get her baby girl Marigold for her first birthday, but after some helpful suggestions from The Hits listeners, she decided to write her a letter.

The Kiwi singer told her co-stars Stacey Morrison and Mike Puru, that it ended up being a profound experience that was much more emotional than she thought it would be.

"I started writing a letter for her and I felt so overwhelmed because, you know, my baby daughter’s one," Anika revealed. "I had to blink away my tears of love and joy for my baby daughter."

Anika says she wants to keep up the tradition she’s started and continue writing Marigold a letter every year for her birthday.

Marigold celebrates her first birthday today – happy birthday darling girl!

Anika shared a special video post on her Instagram to celebrate the occasion, writing:

"Hari huri tau Marigold! You are the best thing that ever happened to us.

"Your cheeky smile, your emerging personality, your high pitched communication efforts, your face smacks, your happiness, your dimples, your hearty poos, your gorilla shuffle, your talkative nature, your existence is a dream!

"Can't believe you're 1! Our Aquarius ... Love you little Tui."

Happy Birthday, Marigold!