Flynny Responds To Prince Charles' Angry NZ Letter

Publish Date
Monday, 31 August 2015, 7:28PM

Flynny was NOT impressed with Prince Charles having a royal whinge about New Zealand... so decided to pen the king-to-be a letter of his own!

He wrote...

Dear Prince Charles,

We are so sorry that you fell off your horse in 1981 while playing polo in Australia.

In NZ we have this annoying trait of joking around with each other and laughing – it's so grating!

It must have been so inconvenient in between sipping glasses of Dom Perignon and eating fine cuts of meat to fall off your horse.

Maybe the horse was annoyed that one day in the future you would be marrying its cousin Camilla.

And we would also like to apologise on behalf of all those pesky annoying Kiwi schoolkids. It must have been hard with so many of them asking you what it was like to be a prince! What a drag.

They are just peasants anyway and their boring commoner parents have to actually work for their money- yuck!

Everyone knows that legends like you guys the royal family get funded by the British taxpayer! How it should be.

We wont make a juvenile joke about your ears – we know you hate joking around so we’ll leave it there!

Yours sincerely,

New Zealand

PS how many channels can you pick up on those giant satellite dishes on each side of your head?