Flynny shares parenting tricks that you'll totally want to steal

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Friday, 26 January 2018, 12:00PM

Back-to-school time can send the stress levels of Kiwi mums and dads skyrocketing.

But that doesn't have to be the case.

Here super dad Flynny divulges some of the best tips and tricks he uses for rangling his 4 kids.

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What is your top healthy (or not so healthy) school lunch hack?

I have started feeding my kids meat! Like pieces of steak or chicken drumsticks ... Much better than a sandwich and keeps the little monkeys full of beans. Also carrot sticks and cucumber. And to keep it balanced, a bit of home baking in there is showing your kids a little love I reckon.

What is the best morning routine for getting the kids ready for school?

Well, we have 4 kids so we get up early - like 5.30am! This gives Natty and I time for a cup of tea and a chat before the madness begins. We then make the lunch boxes and feed the kids a good healthy brekky, have a bit of a laugh, get them dressed, sun screened, teeth brushed and off to school.

 What are your greatest tips for dealing with drop-off/pick-up mayhem?

Play good music in the kitchen (and the car) and have a sing-along/dance along with the kids! If everyone is having fun and laughing then it's not so stressful when it comes time to drop them at the gates.

I really do adore these little creatures

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What tricks do you have for getting them to do their homework?

I use the age-old parenting technique known as bribery. Also, if you help them with it and take an interest I find they get more enthused - although some of my kids are more enthused than others ... haha!

How on earth do you get all the bubbles out of duraseal books?

It's impossible. That's like trying to get peace between Trump and Kim. This is like the Roswell incident - what is the truth here?

Early din dins with these little ferrets

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