Governess Anne Hegerty opens up about 'love-hate relationship' with The Chase

Publish Date
Monday, 20 August 2018, 3:00PM

Her domineering skirt suit on The Chase is part of what makes Anne Hegerty, aka The Governess so iconic.

However, she revealed that she has a strong “love-hate relationship” with the look.

Anne – who discovered that she has autism and executive dysfunction – admits that while not having to decide what to wear can be a “blessing” as her syndrome means she can struggle with being organised, she does often feel uncomfortable in her trivia master outfit.

"I have this love-hate relationship with my costume," Anne said.

"It doesn’t change, it’s uncomfortable and let’s face it, it’s unflattering … And I have nicer clothes, I do."

Last year Anne blew everyone away during an appearance on Loose Women, where she ditched her grey headmistress style for something more colourful and fun – and she looked absolutely stunning.

Speaking more about her autism, Anne explained how it was actually something that she diagnosed in herself first.

"I worked it out for myself in 2003 and I got a formal diagnosis in 2005," she said.

"It just simply means that I get distracted very easily and it’s very hard for me to focus and concentrate on things."

Watch Anne Hegerty's full interview with Stace and Flynny above.