How the way a child is born can be a predictor of their personality traits

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Thursday, 9 August 2018, 3:00PM

Stacey Morrison gave birth to her daughter this week 10 years ago and it turns out the way she was born was an indicator of what her personality would be like.

"This one, Kurawaka, a week out [from her due date] decided: 'now, actually right now, I will come right now'," Stace said, describing her daughter’s birth.

"And she’d been a lovely, beautiful, cruisy pregnancy, and I was thinking wow this baby’s amazing and then she just went '… and now! Right now, thank you!'"

Not only did this early arrival mean a frantic drive from Auckland to Rotorua – so she could be born at her tūrangawaewae - in the middle of the night, but an unplanned water birth.


"This baby who made me drive all that way in labour, she also went 'you know what, I’ll have a water birth'," Stace continued, "I thought I had two hours left to go and five minutes once I got in the bath."

According to Stace, this is exactly what her now 10-year-old daughter is like today.

"She really is a whole lot of women and her birth is a lot like her as a personality, she’ll be cruisy, she’ll be cool,[and then] she’ll be like 'OK now, this thing needs to happen right now.'

"Sometimes kids do that with their birth, they show you their personality."

And Stace is not the only one to think this! Several Hits listeners' text in describing how the birth of their child accurately predicted what personality traits they would grow up to have.

How cool is that?!

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