James Bay Thinks THIS Is The Best Prize In The World

Publish Date
Thursday, 13 August 2015, 5:20PM

Speaking to Stace & Flynny, James Bay couldn't believe The Hits Concert World Tour prize (including seeing James himself in Glasgow) and even ended up trying to guess the montage!

“This is amazing… I mean, wow, that’s insane, I think that’s the greatest prize that has ever been given in the history of prizes,” James exclaimed.

The musician went on to play the competition himself only really being able to guess one artist and song in the music montage...

Bay is excited to be coming to our fair country for the first time in February 2016 saying, "I cannot wait to actually get over to New Zealand. I am very excited; I’ve never been.”

“What do I know (about New Zealand)? I know rugby. Partly because of my dad. I used to play rugby; believe or not this stupid looking skinny kid used to be a winger. Flight of the Conchords of course but particularly, Rhys Darby. Massive fan of Rhys Darby. Flight of the Conchords is great but he kind of stole the show if you ask me.”

Flynny asked, “Have you heard any Australians gloating about how they beat us in rugby last week?”

“I haven’t actually heard any of that. Being in Australia this past day or so there’s been no mention of sport whatsoever. And I’m not a cricket man but there was this Ashes situation where I think we (England) won, and they didn’t want to talk about it so there has been no mention of sport so you’re all good.”

Details on James Bay's New Zealand Tour can be found HERE.