Kiwi mother's supernatural story moved Stacey Morrison to tears - and it will do the same to you

Sometimes we’ll hear a story that completely moves us, and for Stacey Morrison, this was one of them.

After sharing their encounters with the supernatural, Stace and Flynny put the call out to listeners to tell their own.

One Kiwi mother, Katherine, who lost her eldest daughter to cancer, described how she often sees her child’s spirit in the form of a monarch butterfly - but that wasn’t all.

She also shared how Stace had actually met the little girl while she was alive and gone out of her way to give her a pot of gunge from the kid's TV show What Now.

"You made my daughters day," Katherine told her, "every time you talk I think of you and how you did that for her. It’s nice to be able to thank you."

This moved Stace so much that she couldn’t help but shed a few tears after the powerful call.

We will definitely be keeping an eye out for monarch butterflies now.

Watch the full video below: