Kiwis divided over cleanliness question: How often should you wash used towels?

It’s a simple question: How often should you wash your used towels?

But it seems to have left Kiwis very divided.

Stace and Mike discussed the surprisingly controversial topic after a woman decided to experiment with her husband’s towel – leaving it unwashed and reused for three months - after he claimed that the essential bathroom items don’t need to be washed at all.

 Kiwis were quick to share their views, with many revealing that they left their towels unwashed for up to a fortnight, while others thought that not changing out your towel daily was disgusting.

"There's nothing yuck about using your towel more than once as long as it has somewhere to air/dry properly in between," one commenter reasoned. "It's dried a clean body has it not?"

Other revealed that they change their towel out "once a week".

"I don't have a clothes dryer so it gets hard enough to keep with the washing as it is. If a towel gets really stinky or dirty it will get replaced though," they added.

"Not gonna lie, probably once a fortnight," one commenter admitted. "If I dry myself and smell a little like wet socks, I know it is time."

However, others were adamant that a towel needed to be washed after every use.

"Everyone in our household must put their towel in the wash every night after a shower!" one Kiwi exclaimed. "Clean towel clean body."

"Every single time they are used," another added. "It doesn’t matter who it is, me the husband, one of our kiddies, always used once then washed."

Another Kiwi pointed out the risk of not washing after one use, writing: "Wouldn't you hate not knowing if the towel you dried your butt with then the next day using it and dry your face with the same part? That’s the stuff of nightmares."

So how often do YOU wash your used towels?