Kiwis reveal how they made it through an affair and stayed with their partner

An affair can completely destroy a relationship for a lot of couples.

But some Kiwis have revealed to Stace, Mike, and Anika how they and their partner have chosen to work through infidelity and stay together.

Charmaine called the drive show to share her story about how she recently found out her husband had had multiple affairs and explained how she’s trying to "take it one day at the time” so they can stay together for their children.

"I’m trying to move forward and provide a happy home for my kids," Charmain said. "He’s a great dad and I wouldn’t want my kids to grow up without him in their life."

She explained that at first, she wanted to make her husband hurt as much as he had hurt her, but eventually realised that feeling this way was taking a toll on her mental and physical health and so she decided to try start work through it.

Meanwhile, another Kiwi, Stevie, revealed to Stace, Mike, and Anika that she was the one to have cheated on her husband after years of being together.

She said that her three-month-long affair ended after she was caught out by her husband’s mum, who told her son immediately.

“It was the worst thing I have ever felt,” Stevie said. “I could just see on his face, how deeply I’d hurt him.”

She reveals that they are still married today, and have been together for 20 years now, but that getting to that point hasn’t been easy.

When the affair was uncovered, she says her husband was ready to leave her.

"I realised at that point that I’d lost everything I’d ever really wanted,” she said.

Stevie credits marriage counseling and time to help heal the broken trust.

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