Lily Allen reveals to Stace how her daughter is actually NOTHING like her

Publish Date
Monday, 10 September 2018, 12:00PM

British pop star Lily Allen caught up with Stacey Morrison to talk about her new music, her new book My Thoughts Exactly and her upcoming New Zealand tour.

The mother of two also opened up about juggling fame and raising children and revealed that her eldest daughter is surprisingly quite opposite to her.

Wild child at heart, Lily explained to Stace that while she enjoys getting to be "immature" while playing with her children, her 6-year-old Ethel is actually very "prim and proper".

"My oldest kid, Ethel, she's quite prim and proper and conservative," Lily said, "She's always like, 'are you wearing that mummy? ... You look like you're wearing pyjamas'."

"She plans, she needs to know every single detail about what's going on in the future.

"But it's interesting how the one following up behind her - Marnie (5) my youngest - is just the polar opposite and I wonder if it's just a personality thing or if she's happy in the knowledge that Ethel knows everything."

Lily is set to perform live in New Zealand on February 2.