Mel B Reveals Spice Girl Reunion With Stace & Flynny!

Publish Date
Thursday, 2 April 2015, 5:02PM

It’s safe to say Stace well and truly won the 90s STAR SEARCH up against Flynny… managing to get Spice Girl Mel B on the phone!

“I’m glad that we conquered this together!” Mel said to Stacey. “You are very hardcore though. I literally just got off a flight from New York. I haven’t even said hello to my kids yet I’m speaking to you guys!”

Flynny couldn’t help but ask if a Spice Girls reunion was on the cards next year, “I hope so. I mean it’s going to be our 20th anniversary next year” Mel revealed to Stace & Flynny.

"Nothing is on the cards right now but watch this bloody space… we (the Spice Girls) constantly text each other. We’re all mums, we all still like each other believe it or not, even though people try and say that we don’t like each other. We’ve known each for over 25 years. It’s like a sisterhood!” Mel continued. “To go through what we went through at like the ages of 16, 17, and now we’re all pushing 40… that connection can NEVER die”

And whilst The Hits is celebrating the Easter Long Weekend with 90 Hours of the 90s, how will Mel B be celebrating? “You can’t beat a Cadbury’s crème egg!”

You can download the new app Mel’s bee working with, PINGTANK, from the iTunes store now!