Mental Health Awareness Week: Anika Moa reveals why running has saved her

This week it’s Mental Health Awareness Week, so we’re sharing some of the little things we do in our daily lives that help boost our mental wellbeing.

For Anika Moa, running is something she does for herself to help her feel calm and centred.

"Before I found running I wrote to help with my mental health but then I had kids and found it harder to write whenever I wanted so I decided to put myself first and took up running again after a long time," she says.

"When I run, I feel free. It calms my nervous system and helps me sort my head trauma/ideas/triggers/sadness/problems out. I feel healthy and fit. I feel happier. I feel alive."

"Running has saved me and made me a better māmā to my kids and I feel safe within my heart."

Looking after our own mental health is one of the best things we can do for ourselves.

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