Mum's viral video shows the importance of speaking kindly about yourself in front of your kids

A mother in America was left delightfully surprised and a little shocked by her four-year old's response to her talking about herself.

After the mother called her nose "disgusting" her daughter quickly pipped up to say that her mum wasn't disgusting, in fact, she was "beautiful".

The adorable moment was captured on video and has since on viral online, with more than 4.1M views on Twitter.

"I was complaining about my hormonal pregnancy skin on stories, not realising that my four-year-old was listening," the woman wrote alongside the clip. "She came through with all the affirmations."

"Note to self to remember that how I speak about myself will shape her as a young woman," she added in a follow-up tweet.

Stace, Mike, and Anika touched on the fact that we can forget that our kids are taking in everything we say, including how we speak about ourselves.

The noted that it's always important to remind ourselves to speak positively about our appearance, especially when little ears are listening.

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