Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern tells Brodie and Flynny which name she WON'T be giving her baby

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Monday, 21 May 2018, 12:00PM

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is just one month away from giving birth to her first baby - and she's struggling with a few things.

Brodie Kane and Flynny caught up on air with our Prime Minister to find out how she’s been going with her pregnancy amidst running the country.

“[I’m due in] four weeks and I’m very swollen,” Jacinda explained, “I have no ankles to speak of – they disappeared some time ago.”

Never one to slow down, Jacinda said she will be working right up until just before her due date – June 17 – and can even fly for the remainder of her pregnancy.

“There are no particular health concerns for me so as long as my flight’s less than four hours I can just keep on going. I work right up until the 14th – so yeah, hopefully, nothing happens before then.”

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Meanwhile, when asked about baby names, Jacinda revealed she and her partner Clarke Gayford have been struggling to come up with the perfect choice.

“We have tried to create a short list - it’s not going well.

We’re having the same thing that everyone has a problem with. We get a lot more unsolicited advice on that though.”

However, she admits she won’t be pulling a Gwyneth Paltrow and calling her baby ‘Apple’.

“Take Apple off the list, we cannot have an Apple Ardern,” Brodie told the Prime Minister.

“I don’t want to be judge-y,” Jacinda replied, “but I can’t say - even with my orchard upbringing … Apple was not on my list, or Gala, or Brazen, none of them.”

We wonder what the name will be! We’re sure whatever they choose will be lovely.