Stace & Flynny's parenting advice to Toni Street for raising a baby boy

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Tuesday, 20 February 2018, 3:00PM

After having two darling girls, Toni Street is excepting her first baby boy via surrogate!

So Stace & Flynny - who both have sons - took it upon themselves to help Toni out with a little parenting advice for when it comes to raising boys.

"I know you're having a wee boy which is very exciting - we've got three boys and myself in the Flynn household so I know how boys roll," Flynny told Toni on air before launching into his of what to expect.

Boys love to wrest

"Get ready for a lot of wrestling and play fighting. So Matt, your wonderful husband, is going to have to pony up and do a lot of wrestling."

Boys love bodily gases

"Also when you've got a little boy in the house and he gets above a certain age, farting and burping are going to just multiply.

"Like, seriously, you're going to have a lot more gas in the house. You may as well start popping off a lot more now to sort of prepare for it."

Boys need help learning to aim

"When the wee boy gets to toilet training age, get a ping-pong ball and put that in the toilet bowl to aim at because otherwise there's just wees everywhere ...

"And no one wants to step is someone else's wees all the time. You get over that after a while, trust me."

Mumma's boys a real

"I loved being mumma to a boy," Stace told Toni, "And the mumma's boy thing is real, I know you don't want them to be like that when they're 35, that's not cool. But I'm excited for you because it really is a beautiful bond.

"I'm excited that you get to meet this little boy who's probably been in your mind and in your heart for a long time." 

Luckily Toni appreciated all of the advice and revealed that she has always hoped to have a son.

"I'm so excited about having a boy," Toni said, "I've actually always wanted a boy. Even if this had been a girl, I'd still be celebrating, but this is the icing on the cake. I'm amped!"

We're amped for you to Toni!

Listen to all of Stace & Flynny's advice for Toni: