Stace Mike and Anika talk all things anxiety with best-selling Kiwi author Gwendoline Smith

Almost everyone on earth will deal with some form of mental health struggle at least once in their life.

And for a lot of people that battle is with anxiety.

Stace Mike and Anika caught up with Kiwi clinical psychologist and bestselling author Gwendoline Smith to talk about her brand new book The Book of Angst – out now - which drills down into social anxiety – which one of the most comment yet often underdiagnosed forms of anxiety.

Based on cognitive behavioural therapy, Gwendoline’s approach is scientific and logic-based, but also straightforward and practical. Using simple, clear language and humorous illustrations, as well as seven "therapy session" chapters, Gwendoline gives detailed step-by-step advice on how to cope.

Gwendoline’s previous offerings include The Book of Overthinking and The Book of Knowing. Find out more about her at

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