Stacey Morrison confesses her moment of ‘over the top’ helicopter parenting

Publish Date
Friday, 24 August 2018, 10:00AM

No parent wants to be a helicopter parent, but sometimes we just can’t help it …

While dropping her daughters off at school, Stacey Morrison revealed how an unexpected moment of panic sent her into full hover mode.

"You know when you’re doing something utterly ridiculous, and you know it’s ridiculous but you can’t stop yourself from doing it? Well, I did a really big one," Stace confessed to Flynny.

While under a time crunch, Stace – who would normally walk her kids into school – decided to just drop them by the pedestrian crossing and watch them walk through the school gates before continuing on her way.

Stace then decided to quickly pop on a bit of eyeshadow in the time she thought it would take them to walk to the crossing – but when she looked back up, they were gone!

Knowing that they probably had made their way to school, Stace couldn’t help but let her mind race and what she did next, she says was "helicopter parenting at its worst".

"I am completely aware this is helicopter parenting at its worst, this is stupid and I’m doing it …" Stace said.

After listening to her story Flynny compared Stace’s reaction to being like "calling the FBI for a home robbery."

"OK, I get it, it’s over the top!" Stace admitted.

Watch above to find out what Stace did! Would you have done the same thing?