Stacey Morrison dishes on awkward bikini waxing story ...

Every woman will know that getting body hair waxed off is always painful.

... and for some, it can be unbearable …

Stacey Morrison relayed an awkward story that she heard from her beauty technician, about one woman who found herself in this predicament.

The woman in question – who was apparently a repeat customer – came in to have a bikini wax and halfway through her session found the pain too much, told the beauty technician to stop and on top of that demanded a refund.

As the beauty technician had already done half of the bikini waxing, she offered that she could give the client a half refund, but the woman refused and insisted she receive a full refund.

So what do you think, should the woman have gotten her full refund? Or should she be happy with a half refund for her half bikini wax?