Stacey Morrison's touching message about her mother is something we all need to remember

Publish Date
Tuesday, 26 June 2018, 2:30PM

This week Stacey Morrison celebrated her birthday and says rather than worrying about wrinkles she’s "grateful" to be another year older.

On the momentous day, she shared a touching message about her mother – who passed away at age 45 after a 7 year battle with breast cancer - that helped shape her perspective on getting older.

Now age 45 herself, Stacey explained, "I just know that I’m so lucky to get old, it is a privilege to get older."

"I’m the same age she was when she died now but I’m healthy, so it’s helping me count my blessings and not my wrinkles.

"And every person who didn’t get as long as they should have on this earth … I really want to honour them by being grateful – and I’m so grateful."

Such beautiful and important words to live by!