Toni Street tells Stace & Flynny: I DO NOT want to be Spider Woman anymore

Publish Date
Thursday, 17 May 2018, 2:00PM

Poor Toni Street has been through a lot lately …

After an allergic reaction to antibiotics, which caused acute liver failure, she’s suffered from fatigue, nausea and itching – which she has described as having ‘spiders underneath your skin’.

Talking to Stace & Flynny Toni says she’s hopeful that come Monday, she’ll finally be back on the air.

 “We’re so glad you’re picking up,” Stace told Toni, before imparting some words of wisdom.

“[But] please don’t push yourself so hard!"

“You are always so conscientious, so hard working, but you’ve asked a lot of your body in the last couple of years and you have a beautiful new baby on the way, [so] can I please just say, it’s OK to take a moment and look after yourself.”

Toni agreed and revealed that her mother had given her similar advice.

“I am taking it on board because I tell you what, this has floored me the last 6 weeks and it’s given me quite a new appreciation for [self-care],” she said.

“You’re a Super Woman, but even Super Woman [needs a break]” Stace added, “You don’t want to be Spider Woman, OK!”

“I do not want to be Spider Woman,” Toni replied, “Wonder Woman, yes. Spidey, no!”