Watch Stace, Mike and Anika's 'heartfelt' Father's Day song for Kiwi dads

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Anika Moa, Stacey Morrison and Mike Puru have recorded a special song for Father's Day, dedicated to Kiwi dads.

The hosts of The Hits drive show were inspired to record the song Little Shadow to honour fathers and father figures in a "heartfelt" way.

"Modern men are parenting in a way that's often very different from how their own fathers did, so we wanted to do something special for them," said Stacey.

"It's nice to have an emotional song about Dads - instead of just making 'dad jokes'" explained Mike.

Anika, who lost her father, wanted to send love to "all the pāpā out there".

"I lost my dad 13 years ago and I think of him every day. He has given me so many of my wild traits and I love him for that. Love you pāpā and loved writing this song for our amazing listeners."

Under the expert guidance of singer/songwriter Anika – the trio wrote the lyrics together with Anika providing the tune and melody.

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This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.