What Kiwi Dad's DO NOT want for Father's Day

Publish Date
Friday, 1 September 2017, 10:30AM

Let's be honest, there are some gifts we'd rather not receive ...

And with Father's Day happening this Sunday, Stace & Flynny decided to ask Kiwi Dads what they definitely DO NOT want this weekend.

Here are some of the things they suggested:

1. To be told they're BECOMING a dad

Although the idea of revealing that they're about to become a daddy on Father's Day sounds sweet in theory, according to Kiwi guys, that's not the type of gift they were hoping for. 

"What I don't want for Father's Day is to be told I'm going to be a father, nah love, not happening," listener Samuel says. 

2. A gift that comes with an ulterior motive

Thinking about getting Dad a box of beers just so you can drink some of them? Think again. Kiwi Dads say they don't want a gift that comes with strings attached.

3. Something bought by the ex

Not all relationships work out, and so it can be a tad awkward receiving a Father's Day gift that's been bought by Mum. Kiwi Father's say they'd much rather have something hand made by their kids.

4. A book

"I don't want a book, never read one and too old to start now," says listener Mike. Not all Kiwi Dads are book worms, so it's best to stay clear of them - unless you're 100% sure it's something your Dad would love.

5. Socks and undies!

Poor Dads, why do they get stuck with socks and undies as gifts? Kiwi Pappas have said they've had enough of them, especially "when they are two sizes too small" as one Father told Stace & Flynny. Fair enough!

Now that we know what they don't like, here are some of the things Kiwi Fathers have said they WOULD like to get this weekend.