All the best moments from Matty and PJ's Simply The Best road trip

This week Matty and PJ set off on an epic culinary adventure, making their way through some beloved South Island towns, through to the bustling cities of the North Island.

Armed with recommendations from listeners, they embarked on their ‘Simply the Best’ Roadie to find the best food Aotearoa has to offer. Along the way, they visited some iconic establishments, tasted mouthwatering dishes, and fell victim to some hilarious mishaps and unforgettable moments. 

Monday 20th May 

Invercargill - The Batch Cafe (9am-10am)

Their adventure began in the southernmost city of New Zealand, at The Batch Cafe in Invercargill. They tried some legendary cheese rolls, which did not disappoint. We can confirm that PJ was bombarded with some wonderful cheese dreams that night.

Dunedin - RE Burger (3pm)

Next stop … Dunedin! They made their way to RE Burger to sample their much-talked-about burgers. The deliciously flavourful patties and fresh toppings definitely lived up to expectations. But we can’t have a great tasting without a hilarious PJ moment. Amongst all her excitement to try her chicken tender, accompanied by an insane amount of sauce, PJ forgot she was wearing her mic set. Oh no! Let’s just say the tech team wasn't very happy with her ...

Tuesday 21st May

Christchurch - Dimitris Greek Food (9am-10am)

Now venturing on to one of their favourite stops so far, Dimitris Greek food in Christchurch. They got to try some of the best souvlaki they have ever had, and PJ even got to have a go at making one herself! As expected, she didn’t quite succeed and ended up spilling most of it on the floor. Sorry for the mess, Dimitris! Matty set the goal eating lightly so he could try more, unfortunately he failed terribly when he asked for some felafel in his souvlaki as well! 

Wellington - Mojo on Brandon Street (3pm)

Their afternoon was well spent at Mojo, where they recharged with some of the finest coffee around. Matty was definitely restless at this point but the rich aroma and smooth taste of their amazing coffee was the rewarding treat he needed after a long morning of eating. 

Wednesday 22nd May 

Levin - Leaven Bakery (8am-8:30am)

They started their morning off with a much awaited stop at Leaven Bakery, trying one of the best cronuts around! It was the perfect sweet treat to get their day started. To top it all off, Bernie the beloved Levin Mayor stopped by to say hello! The limelight wasn’t on Bernie for long, when a storm of lovely fans came over to take photos with the icon himself, Matty Mclean! 

Palmerston North - Knead (9:30am-10am)

In Palmerston North, they visited Knead, a wonderful bakery known for their delicious pastries and bread. The great atmosphere made them feel right at home, and the donuts were simply out of this world! 

Hawke’s Bay - Brave Brewing Co. (3pm)

The final stop of the day was at Hawke’s Bay’s Brave Brewing Co., where Matty and PJ tried 'simply the best’ meatballs! It was the perfect place to unwind with a meatball in hand after a busy day.

Thursday 23rd May

Rotorua - Black Label Barbecue (11am)

Their culinary journey continued in Rotorua at the Black Label Barbeque. The smokey tender ribs and brisket were to die for. With a lot of food to try Matty and PJ were challenged by some fellow customers on how much they could eat. Little did they know Matty and PJ had prepared for this great moment, demolishing every last crumb on their plate!

Tauranga - Hide Thirst & Hunger and Sponge Drop Cakery (3pm)

Matty and PJ headed to Hide Thirst and Hunger for a live broadcast where they handed out some mouthwatering cupcakes from Sponge Drop Cakery. Along the way Matty and PJ visited the Black Ferns Sevens. Matty was willingly tossed in the air, resulting in him knocking down one of their star players!

Friday 24th May

Hamilton - Duck Island Ice Cream (10.30am)

You can’t have a foodie road trip without some classic kiwi ice cream! Matty and PJ made a much needed stop at Hamilton's Duck Island Ice Cream to try out some of the best flavours in town.

Auckland - Peach's Hot Chicken (3pm)

Matty & PJ's final stop is at Auckland's iconic fried chicken spot, what better way to cap off this epic roadie?!

Thank you again to everyone who joined Matty & PJ on their epic journey! What a blast it was.

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