Matty McLean had a sexy dream about someone ... and he needed to confess it to PJ Harding

In the past, PJ Harding has revealed that she once had "certain dreams" about her co-star Matty McLean.

Well now, Matty has had a ... err ... sexy dream about someone, and he felt he needed to confess it to PJ.

At first, PJ thought perhaps she was the subject of Matty's sultry subconscious, but it turns out it was somebody else very close to PJ.

"Ummmm, I don't know where to look," an embarrassed PJ exclaimed upon hearing who the dream was really about.

After Matty apologised for his dream trist, PJ admitted that it was OK as the team was "open and honest" with each other - but she did ask if Matty felt better after his confession, to which he replied:

"I think I feel worse!"

Watch above to find out who featured in Matty's saucy dream.

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