Anyone lost a wallet?

Publish Date
Wednesday, 2 November 2016, 8:03PM

Phil Wilmington was in the middle of a live report from the Brisbane racecourse yesterday when Shae Miller interrupted, demanding he help her find the owner of a lost wallet.

Ms Miller spoke with the TODAY Show this morning saying she was feeling "good" after recovering yesterday by digging into some pizza.

The Ecotech office manager admitted she was too drunk yesterday to realise she’d interrupted a live cross.

"I didn’t really look around, obviously, " she said with a laugh.

Ms Miller said she never found the wallet’s true owner. "It didn’t have a licence or a bank card in there, so we couldn’t find (the owner), " she said.

"We just handed it into security on the way out. Which in hindsight I should’ve done to start with."

Good try lady, good try.


Source : 9NewsAustralia