Estelle chats with Passenger ahead of his gig at the Civic

Publish Date
Wednesday, 18 January 2017, 5:10PM

He's known for his worldwide hit single 'Let Her Go' and as we heard on stage there's some contention around that being over shadowed by 'Let IT Go' from the film Frozen. In fact in a recent interview he was asked what inspired him to write 'Let it Go' hahhaaa! Those in the crowd expecting a Disney Princess sure got more than they'd bargained for with a stellar performance from Passenger performing at the Civic Theatre Auckland with a full band (first time for that here in Aotearoa).

His gig was a journey of laughing, laugh crying and flat out bawling my eyes out.

Fortunately we met and talked prior to said crying in the dark amid a throng of passionate Passenger fans and new ones forming.

Enjoy - Estelle

Oh also, a smash of pics from behind the scenes and on stage can be found on my Instagram, check it HERE