Estelle's Canada and Vegas Holiday Snaps

Welcome to the holiday slide show, three weeks of escaping winter here in NZ to summer temps of 28 degrees in Canada and 45 degrees in Las Vegas!

It's been a full on whirlwind catching up with whanau who live in Alberta, Canada and sneaking in an adults only trip to Vegas while we were altogether and so close to the desert city. Here's a little glimpse of the holiday action.

Squirrels are everywhere in Canada, despite that I still squealed with excitement every time I saw one. Managed to see a black bear in the wild - that was a magical moment, loved soaking up family time, heat, shopping. The long and straight roads and some epic lightning storms where the entire sky fires up across a huge horizon. I even loved my trips to Walmart and Costco - you can legit buy anything in those crazy places! Anyway, here's some picture highlights.

I'm saving immediately to seek more travel adventures, hoping to inspire you to do the same xo ECĀ 

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