Open Your Mind with Estelle - Ashton Kutcher faces up to daughters potty mouth

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Tuesday, 11 October 2016, 9:12PM

Ashton has spoken about this before but it's clearly still on his mind! Joining Seth Meyers on his show the boys talk about their children learning to talk, languages and swears - doh!

The mimicking is a natural thing and it only took a year and a half for Ashton's daughter Wyatt to take on her first swear word!

Have you had a similar moment with your own kids? I remember when my sister was over from Canada a few years back, mini me niece was only two. Us girls all in the car and narrowly missed being hit by an oncoming car. Sister slammed the breaks and I spilled the F-Bomb. Was just waiting for the impact it was so close.

All goes quiet as brakes scream us to a holt, heart beating so fast, absolute fear on mine and my sisters face then from the back seat [email protected]!!

OMG - Aunty to blame for first swear. It broke the horrified silence and instigated many, many sorries from me to sister for what mini me was repeating back to us - ok a few laughs too!

How do you deal with it when it comes to your kids and swearing?

Has that changed as their ages have too?

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