Open Your Mind - Women Over-Apologize A Lot

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Tuesday, 8 November 2016, 7:08PM

Got sent details on a study that has just been done on women saying sorry waaaayy more often than they should, but why? Why do we do it?

Turns out a lot of our apologizing comes down to being sensitive to other people's feelings.

From the study "Everyone apologizes when they think they're at fault, but women exceed men by double digits when the apology is related to empathy."

Being overly concerned with others' feelings leads to habitual and unneccessary apologizing and it can undermine your stance, opinon and power!

Eg. Placing 'Sorry' before words negates their power. 'Sorry I have something to say.'


Ever found yourself apologizing for any of these.......??


We gotta let the 'sorries' go.

From the study - "Don’t use apologies as a crutch. Being polite and assertive are not mutually exclusive."

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Are YOU an over-apologizer? Do you think women do this more than men? How'bout the apology list above - do many of those yourself?

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