Try it Out Tuesday - Braided Brows

Publish Date
Tuesday, 12 September 2017, 4:43PM

When I first saw the headline 'Braided Brows' I was thinking people were actually braiding their eyebrows, somehow pulling one fine hair over another to create the perfect plait/ how the heck???

Turns out it's all in the artwork.

Clever makeup artists are honing the look with colour and glitter and precision with a brush.

Gotta Try it Out.............Estelle and Celia hit the bathroom mirrors


The point of NO return

Takes a steady hand and much concentration

Got some big penciling shapes going on there Celia!!

One brow done...hmmmm

LOL, Groucho Marx much hahhaaaa! IheartU Celia

Checking ourselves out...Celia ahh haaaa your face says it all

Braided Brows - Tried....

But probably not a forever thing.

I'm definitely not skilled enough to make them look actually braided and Celia...welllll..?? 

We also didn't use the highlighting cream or any powder or anything so perhaps more tools were needed for the desired effect.

My conclusion would be that I suit my eyebrows being darker, lets roll with that #smileyface #lolface