Try it Out Tuesday - Cocktail Collective shake it up with Estelle

Publish Date
Tuesday, 22 August 2017, 4:55PM

Nazla came in to get her shake on with Estelle for Try it Out Tuesday.

She's the co-founder of the Cocktail Collective and it turns out good ideas can come to you on New Years day after a big night of celebrating with your mates at the bach.

After a great family getaway and New Years eve party Nazla and her group of friends discussed how cocktails would have been great at the celebrations but always seem like a big deal to organise and sort and then you're left over with random bottles of alcohol that don't go with anything else until you decide to mix cocktails again. Then there's the recipe searching.........Well, now someone else can do all the organising for you and you can just wait for it to arrive on your desk at work, doorstep at home or even get it delivered to someone else for whatever it is they are celebrating!! Perfect

Find out more about Cocktail Collective and get your order on HERE and check out the Espresso Martini fun in our vid.