Try it Out Tuesday - Easter Chocolate MasterClass with Little Bird Unbakery

Publish Date
Wednesday, 12 April 2017, 4:37PM

Trying out something new for a Date Night, my man and I booked ourselves in for a cooking, but not really cooking, class with Little Bird Unbakery - And what timing for it to be the Easter Chocolate Master Class!!

Megan took us through the process of making raw chocolate and I can see why they say making chocolate is a labour of love. It's extremely time consuming and needs your constant attention. But so worth the effort.

When we got round to making our own chocolate creations I think Gibby and I turned into a couple from MKR who can't quite get their S%#! together LOL! But we loved it all the same and walked away with a new appreciation of the craft of chocolate, homemade raw caramel and giant salted caramel cups (bit heavy handed on the portion sizes haha!)