Annabel Langbein has a fantastic new book out called 'ESSENTIAL' Annabel Langbein - Best Ever Meals For Busy Lives.

It focuses on savoury dishes from breakfast to dinner, as well as baking and snack ideas.

I've tagged a lot of pages with recipes I want to try but this is the first one I've chosen to do because I've never cooked my own bread and have sighed at the thought of all the resting, kneading and hard yards that go into making a loaf of bread. Didn't really believe I could make it myself.

This recipe says it has no rise time because it rises in the oven...woohoo, OK, I'm in! It also has great, easy to find and buy ingredients.

Take it away Busy People's Bread, we shall eat you at the end..hopefully.

For the full recipe see page 288 of Annabel’s new book ESSENTIAL Annabel Langbein (Annabel Langbein Media, $65), packed with more than 650 easy and delicious recipes and out now at good bookshops nationwide. And check out her fab website for inspiration too, right HERE