Try it Out Tuesday - Eyelash Extensions

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Saturday, 21 October 2017, 1:22PM

When I was visiting my family in Canada I was well jealous of how fantastic my sisters eyelashes always looked.

She had beautiful extensions and pretty much didn't apply much makeup each day coz her eyes already looked 'done'.

With short and fair looking natural eyelashes myself I decided I needed to get amongst it, see if I could rest the many coats of mascara I usually apply and rely on the extensions instead.

I booked in with Bianca at Frenchie & Co. and had a fab time, she did all the work while I closed my eyes and nearly fell asleep ha!

The pad under my eye made it feel like I was getting an eye lift at the same time and I was kinda pleased to zone out for a while getting this done.

Into Frenchie & Co. to chill out in the fluffy pink seat

Before photos - some different angles of my natural lashes prior to extensions being added.

We decided to focus on adding more volume to my eyelashes.

Tools of the trade....little spider legs everywhere hahaha - don't freak, just the eyelashes!

Took about an hour and 40 minutes to get the full set. First pics with the eye tape still underneath

Totally felt like a little eyelift, yeeha!

The eyelashes get glued to your natural lashes individually, such a precise and detailed application.

Mid-talking, just focus on the lashes ha! Soooo long!

Tape peeled off, lashes looking bold.

Not to get them wet for first 24 hours to make sure they have adhered.

With the eyelash star Bianca at Frenchie & Co.

Later at work, they fit under my glasses - perfect.

Can't believe how dark and long they look.

They feel great too, not heavy like when you wear falsies with the eyelash glue.

They did flutter in the wind when I left the salon which felt kinda weird and like they were going to be blown off or I might flutter away.

But all good. I have a little mascara wand, minus the mascara, to brush them.....YES you need to brush them to keep them facing the right way after sleeping and wind etc.

So I think I'll probably carry that with me all the time. It does mean you have to be gentle washing your face so you don't rub them off, don't rub your eyes and any makeup or makeup remover around eyes needs to be oil free or it breaks down the bond. They'll just come off naturally as your eyelashes shed, cool aye?! I love how they look and pretty much don't notice them 'feel' wise.

I like the idea of being more gentle washing my face and around my eye area coz I know I can get a bit rough and ready taking off the daily makeup.

I'm planning to just rock these for the next few days minus any make up at all...eeekkkkk, don't usually do that but letting it be all about the eyes baby 

Find out more about Bianca and the awesome team at Frenchie & Co. HERE