Try it out Tuesday - Glitter Pits

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Saturday, 21 October 2017, 12:54PM

Celia saw this trending on social media and thought we should give it a go.

It was scratchy and weird and I don't reckon I'd be keen to wear it out BUT much fun in the studio throwing glitter around!

Here's the makeup blogger creating glitter pits..........


No razor? No worries ✨GLITTER ARMPITS, let's start a new trend 😂 Would you join the #glitterarmpits party?

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Here's us............


How the heck did she get it to stick so cleanly to her brush and her underarms??!!

Clearly we missed a step and kept it well messy LOL

Try it Out Tuesday - DONE! Goodluck if you try it out for yourself #winkyface