Try it out Tuesday - Self Defence Class

Publish Date
Tuesday, 2 May 2017, 5:35PM

When the story came out earlier this year of an attempted abduction of a woman in broad daylight one afternoon in Auckland it got me wondering and worrying if I, or anyone I know, was grabbed would we know how to defend ourselves?

This from the news article on NZHerald in February - 

"She saw a couple of parked cars with a man standing next to one of them. As she walked past the man, he grabbed her from behind and managed to drag her into the front passenger seat of his car. The man drove off with the woman in the vehicle. During this time, a struggle took place.  However, the woman was able to break free and jump out of the moving vehicle."

I decided it was time to look at some basic self defence training and empower myself and some of our Hits team to know how to defend ourselves if the need ever arose. 

I really hope it isn't something you or any or yours have to face in reality but if it was wouldn't it be so much better to have some confidence in being able to get away, defend, save yourself.

It was a much more intense session with Chae from SAFE Self defence than I think I had anticipated. Not in a bad way. In a way that was a real eye opener of what he has seen, experienced and why he creates and instructs these classes. It was rough and sweaty. Empowering and a bit scary at times to think someone might grab you like this!?! It's just the very beginning of training with single lapel and double lapel grabs and much more to learn and I'm hoping to get Chae back in for future classes and training.

For more on SAFE Self Defence with Chae, his Womens, Mens and Kids Street Smart classes or to look at classes for you and your work place click HERE