Try it out Tuesday - Turn a box into a projector

Publish Date
Monday, 9 October 2017, 10:40PM

I saw a video of someone turning an old shoe box into a projector using their iPhone. They gave all the steps of how to make it but never showed it actually projecting so I decided I needed to try it out for myself and see if this could really work. Maybe something the kids can try over the school holidays?


Things you'll need: Shoe box, Magnifying glass, Tape, Craft Knife or little Hacksaw, something for your ph to sit in, Glue gun.


Step1: Cut handle off magnifying glass


Step2: Trace outline of magnifying glass onto one end of box, make sure it's centred.


Step 3: Cut out the circle for magnifying glass


Step 4: Place magnifying glass in cut space


Step 5: Glue around the edges to seal it in


Step 6: We added gaffer tape around the edges to block out any gabs where light can get through


Step 7: Preparing your phone to go into the projector, make sure brightness setting is on full brightness


Step 8: Turn orientation lock on. Your phone inside the projector box needs to have the image upside down.

It took me a bit to figure out how to do this on my phone so here's a link that will hopefully help you to suss it too HERE


Step 9: Place phone in holder or on blue tac or tape to hold it steady inside projector box. Image should be showing upside down on the phone

Place lid back on the box


Attempting to show you the light and image coming through magnifying glass/projector box 

(not the easiest to photograph in the darkened room!)


Projected image on our white lounge wall!! Choice!!

To sharpen the image that is being projected you do need to move your phone back or forward inside the box. Only small movements which can make quite a huge difference to what is being projected, so play around with it a bit.


Turned on a light so you can see the shoe box and image being projected onto the wall.

Bigger magnifying glass, bigger picture! You could also make a little hole to connect a boom box to increase sound but you can hear it through the box as well.

Have a play, see what you can create and have fun!