Try it out Tuesday with Estelle - Unicorn Poop Ice-Cream

I figured we may as well keep on the sweet theme after Easter with Unicorn Poop Ice-Cream!! It could be a good school holiday project too if the kids are in charge of afternoon tea or dinner at any stage. Maybe even for any birthday celebrations coming up?

You will need:

For the Ice-Cream

1x 500ml bottle of cream (full strength, not low fat or it won't beat)

1x tin of sweetened condensed milk

Teaspoon of vanilla extract/essence 

Food colouring 

For the Ice-Cream Cones

Your choice of ice-cream cone

White chocolate

Sprinkles - you could also use edible glitter - go for it Unicorn styles!

Intro Video above and photo instructions to get your colourful poop/ice-cream on - Have Fun - Estelle xo