Estelle chats with Patrick - Frontman for 'Walking on Cars'

Publish Date
Tuesday, 19 July 2016, 6:54PM

Walking on Cars are a five-piece Irish alt.rock band, they came together in 2010 comprised of five school friends performing gigs at local venues and clubs in their hometown of Dingle, County Kerry.

Committing wholly to their music ambitions, the band went on to rent a house in the Dingle Peninsula and locked themselves away for the purpose of listening, writing and recording demos.

Find out more about that writing process, the original name the band had in their early days and when they're planning on coming to NZ.

Estelle speaks with lead singer/frontman Patrick Sheehy.


Their debut album 'Everything This Way' is out now. Check out the first single and music video from that album here 'Speeding Cars'