Estelle reveals the exciting update in the journey to adopting her daughter Ava

In May of 2019, Estelle and her husband Gibby welcomed their daughter Ava into their lives.

Now two years later Estelle has given us all an exciting updating on the adoption journey.

"I'm so excited to finally share this with everybody," Estelle said on air. "I've kind of been holding onto it because I wanted to get the paperwork - but at the start of this year, I think it was the fifth of Jan, we finally got a phone call from the family court to say, it's done!"

"The final stamp of approval to be Ava's parents is through and the adoption, all that stuff is done."

Estelle went on to reveal how proud she felt for Ava when her new birth certificate finally came through.

"The journey is her story and her identity, but we finally kind of have this thing that says this is who I am.

"She turns two next month so it has been a long journey."

Congratulations Estelle, Gibby, and Ava!