Here's what got Estelle emotional at The Wiggles concert

Publish Date
Thursday, 1 April 2021, 4:35PM

My DAUGHTER! That's what made me emotional at The Wiggles concert..who knew?!

Ava is 22months now and a huge Arena is overwhelming at the best of times let alone when you're a teeny toddler.

She was excited the moment we got in seeing how many other kids were dressed up - Emma Wiggle outfit being the main player.

And then there were the mini hotdogs that her Dada bought her LOL, defo highlight for those two.

Despite being dressed like Emma herself, Ava is alllll about Lachy, asking me before anything started 'where Lachy?'

I told her he would run onto stage through the tunnel, so her eyes were glued. 

The singing started - 'Who's in the Wiggle House? Who's in the Wiggle House?' Ava's little face says it all.

I'm smiling through this video but my eyes were welling up and my heart was exploding with happy and love for this little human transfixed by her stars on stage aka Lachy!

Take a look for yourself.... And I hope you enjoyed the show if you got along to see The Wiggles.