Try it Out Tuesday - Come Fly Away with Me!

Publish Date
Tuesday, 5 September 2017, 5:07PM

Celia who helps me behind the scenes for my show sent me a message to ask if I'd like to fly a plane?

Sure, just don't think that's actually going to be allowed though?!

Turns out it is if you head along to FlyAJet where they have simulators to fly in and out of airports around the world. And it looks so REAL when you're in the pilot seat. Actually Celia said even in the back seat looking out the windows it looked like we were flying over our chosen destinations and the travel nausea was there too.

Roy was our pilot instructor and he is the calmest person I know. Thank goodness for him knowing all the controls and bells and whistles coz really...I was just coping with the up and down and left and right. After a few take offs and landings I reckon I started perfecting the slight movements needed.

I was a little nervous about the landings but the simulator doesn't jolt you around so we all kept our lunch down.

The steering wheel takes more force than I had anticipated and the old (now closed) Hong Kong airport was like target practice to face the right way to land.

Find out more for your own Fly a Jet experience HERE  - Estelle