Pledge for Plunket: Why Chris Mac says he is 'quitting' Six60

Publish Date
Friday, 11 May 2018, 10:30AM

It seems Chris Mac of Six60 may have found a new calling.

The Kiwi music star joined Sarah and Sam on air to help raise money for Pledge for Plunket.

Offering his musical talents, Chris Mac wrote a jingle for the business who gave the biggest donation.

The winner ended up being Elly from Homegrown Farm Fresh Meats who donated a whopping $2000!

Sam was so impressed with the ditty that he suggested it could be Chris’ real calling.

"That's you, jingles, that's your future," Sam said.

"I'm quitting," Chris jokingly replied, "I'm quitting my day job!"

We loved this jingle, but are definitely happy you'll be sticking with Six60, Chris!