Sarah, Sam and Toni's debate over emotions, science and weight-loss has people divided

Publish Date
Wednesday, 23 May 2018, 1:00PM

Sam Wallace has "upset" everyone again ... and apparently he "needs a slap".

While talking about her weight loss journey Sarah Gandy - who has been working hard to achieve her goals - admitted that she felt disappointed over a not-so-great result she got during a body fat analysis.

However, Sam had the view that it was "pointless" to feel disappointed and said Sarah should focus on the science behind why she didn't get her result and leave emotions out of the equation.

This sparked a heated debate between Sarah, Sam and Toni Street, on whether it was OK to just have a moment to feel sad about bad results.

Several people called in as well to give their view on the situation.

Even Sarah's lovely husband Luke, text in to say: "She's been going really hard, I think Sam needs a slap."

Toni jokingly said she would "gladly" do that for him, while Sam confessed Luke seemed to be "a part of a growing group".

Who do you agree with? Listen above to hear their full discussion.