Toni Street is back!: 'I'm feeling really, really good'

Publish Date
Monday, 21 May 2018, 9:00AM

Toni Street is finally back!

After six weeks away suffering from acute liver failure caused by an allergic reaction to antibiotics, Toni reunited with her co-hosts Sarah Gandy and Sam Wallace – and she couldn’t be happier about it!

"It’s so lovely to be back," she said, "I’m feeling really, really good."

Toni admitted that she had been feeling "a little bit anxious about coming in."

"But I needn’t [have been] because it’s the same smiley faces [as] when I left."

Toni has been suffering from jaundice, fatigue, nausea and itching, which she says feels like "spiders underneath your skin."

So Sarah took it upon herself to try to distract Toni from those symptoms on her first day back.

"My mission is to distract you so by 9 o’clock you’re like 'oh my god I haven’t itched for 3 hours'," she said.

"I hope I don’t just start turning more and more yellow as the show goes on it wouldn’t be great for you two," Toni joked.

But her encouraging co-stars told her she was "looking good" and "not THAT yellow".

"You’re not a Simpson’s character," Sarah teased.

Welcome back Toni! We’ve missed you and hope you feel 100 per cent again soon.