What Toni Street's daughters thought of her 'yellow skin' will make you giggle

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Tuesday, 22 May 2018, 1:00PM

Toni Street's daughters were a little puzzled as to why their mother was yellow.

She revealed some of the adorably funny things her two kids, Juliette and Mackenzie said about her jaundice skin condition, which was caused by acute liver failure suffering after an allergic reaction to antibiotics.

Watch above to find out what cheeky things her young ones said.

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Yesterday Toni - who is expecting her third child via surrogate in August - revealed she's now "feeling really, really good" and is ecstatic to be back at work after having more than a month off with fatigue, nausea and itching, which she says feels like "spiders underneath your skin."

"I hope I don’t just start turning more and more yellow as the show goes on it wouldn’t be great for you two," Toni joked to her co-hosts, Sarah Gandy and Sam Wallace.