Art Green convinces Ben Boyce to do an ice bath plunge on Jono and Ben's Zoom-A-Thon

It may be almost winter, but previous Bachelor NZ and host of the Bachelorette NZ Art Green still jumps in an ice bath two or three times a week.

Speaking to Jono and Ben on the Hits Zoom-A-Thon this morning, the TV host invited Ben Boyce to try out the wonders of the ice bath for himself.

Nigel Beach, official Wim Hof ice bath method instructor, talked the boys through the science behind it.

"It seems like a very cold, awkward situation," quipped Jono Pryor.

"It makes your nervous system more resilient and determines the function of your mental health and physical wellbeing," Beach explained.

"It enhances your mood and boosts your immune system, it makes you feel like 10 men when you get out of that ice bath."

Green showed off the ice bath in his shed and told the radio hosts he jumps in a couple of times a week.

"I bought an old deep freeze off TradeMe, filled it up with water, plugged it in, and whenever I feel like an ice bath I just jump in."

"It's definitely about mind over body but there are some techniques you can do to help control your breathing and mindset, it's all intertwined."

But it wasn't enough just to watch - Boyce was forced to test out his own ice bath on camera outside The Hits studio.

"I was hoping they'd fill it up with warm water and I could fake it," he told viewers.

"It's amazing how Art can still look hot in ice-cold water," said Pryor.

"The only thing that's gonna end the Zoom-A-Thon is hypothermia."

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This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.